EFAS Congress


European Foot & Ankle Society
17-18-19 OCTOBER



Important dates of the abstracts process:

  • Abstracts submission unique deadline: 10 June 2024 Midnight CET +1.
    You are about to submit an abstract(s) for our annual meeting and we warmly thank you for this. But please keep in mind the following elements when writing and submitting your work to the EFAS Congress.
    • Our goals in the selection procedure are impartiality, equity, and transparency. Abstracts will be fully assessed by a at least two experienced reviewers with extensive knowledge in ankle and foot surgery. The abstracts evaluation will be based on their scientific quality and their relevance to ankle and foot surgery.
    • We are glad to share with you our assessment criteria as we believe this might guide you in the writing process for clearer and more transparent abstracts.

“Clear, transparent, and sufficiently detailed abstracts of conferences and journal articles are important, because readers often base their assessment of a trial on such information. (…) When a trial is reported at a conference, the abstract might provide the only permanent information accessible to most readers.” 

Using the extension to the CARE, CONSORT or STROBE Statements, or any other abstract specific reporting guidelines is very strongly recommended. These recommendations provide a minimum list of the essential items that authors should consider when reporting the main results of a study at conference abstract. 

Step 1: General information about your abstract 

Your abstract can only be submitted in English and must include:

  • An English title
  • A list of authors with their affiliations: make sure the names, degrees, and affiliations are consistent on every abstract you submit, or that lists you as an author.
  • A designated speaker
  • A topic and a list of key words
  • The main text of the abstract

Step 2: Title

  • Your title must be as short as possible.
  •  It should summarize the abstract and contain the major key words, including the study design (survey, observational, trial, systematic review)
  •  The title must be in lowercase, with a capital at the beginning
  • Do not use any small capitals or all capitals in the title
  • Do not use any asterisks or notes
  • Do not include any abbreviations. Every word should be spelled.

Step 3: Select your theme

  • Ankle
  • Forefoot
  • Hindfoot
  • Infection
  • Reconstructive
  • Trauma
  • Other

Step 4: Select your type of submission 

Please select the type of abstract you are submitting:

  • Submit a podium presentation
  • Submit a poster presentation
  • Submit a podium presentation OR a poster presentation

Step 5: Authors 

Important: please respect the who’s who?

  1. The submitter’saccount will receive the acceptance(s) and schedule documents.
  2. The “presenter’s” account (who has to be registered to the congress) will receive the certificate of presentation of the poster(s) / presentations listed on his account.
  3. The first author, will be posted in fist on the authors’ list.

You must create the list of authors using the “Create a new author” form.
Once created, you may add the authors (first author and co-authors) and select a speaker.
The speaker has to be the person designed to make the oral presentation or the one in charge of the E-Poster. The speaker must be registered to the congress.

Step 6: Abstract Text 

  • Your abstract must not exceed 250 words
  • You should prepare the body of the abstract using a text editor (Word, TextEdit, etc.). You can use any font; the text will be automatically formatted once submitted. We strongly recommend that you do not use any Greek letters, but instead their plain text counterparts: “Delta” instead of “Δ “, etc.
  • You must not insert any image, illustration or table in the abstract
  • Do not use bullet lists
  • Do not include bibliographic references in abstract text.
  • If you use abbreviations, spell the name in full when first mentioned, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis.

Step 7: Validation and submission process 

Initially, the abstracts are registered under a “Draft” status. You will receive an email confirming the registration of your abstract and that it is in draft status. If you do not receive this email within 48 hours, please contact us.

When your abstract is in draft form, you may return to your account at any time to amend the content or submit the final version. Abstracts in draft form MUST be submitted formally before the deadline. When you click SUBMIT, your abstract will change to the status “Submitted”, and you will receive a confirmation of your submission by email. Only abstracts with a “Submitted” status will be forwarded to the Abstract Committee for review.